vim typescriptreact ‘redrawtime’ exceeded, syntax highlighting disabled

I am a front-end developer, and I use vim as my editor for daily use. Sometimes I need to program React.js in TypeScript, but there are some troubles in vim when I want the syntax highlight for React.js & TypeScript. I try several packages, and there are some different problems… Such as this: I tried…

Hot to flash QMK Config Keymap into Mint60 on Mac

Foreword I just buy a keyboard named mint60 from ErgoTawian due to my stiff shoulders, which must be caused by working too long hours lol. The default keymap is much different from mac’s, so that I want to remap according to guides online. This article is about to flash a brand new keymap to Mint60.

CrashLoopBackOff when deploying elasticsearch using kubernetes

When we deploy elasticsearch via kubernetes, sometimes we might get CrashLoopBackOff. We could use kubectl logs $elasticPodName to know more details. And here are some error I found in log:

Tab Notes v2.0.1 Released

Today I am releasing version 2.0.1 for Tab Notes on both Firefox and Chrome. I have added a new for this version: Multi-notes.

SyntaxError: Unexpected token when using react-script test

Environment I created my project by create-react-app, and running test using its react-script test. node version: 10.15.3 npm version: 6.4.1 react-scripts: 3.0.1 What happened? When running test command (npm run test), I got this error message:

error: could not install smartsocket listener: Address already in use

This article is about error message: “error: could not install smartsocket listener: Address already in use”. I like to flash my android smartphone. As we all know, there are (at lease) two tools we could use when flashing phones: adb and fastboot. But I met a problem when I try to run new adb server,…

how to concat two mp4 files via command line

I want to concat two mp4 files together, so I found a command: But it doesn’t work. After my searching, I finally got the solution: That’s it! Reference … more articles about Linux:

Preparation for building Firefox under Fedora

Today, I want to build Firefox myself. So I found this post: Simple Firefox build, and there is a link, which could help me setup the prerequisites. The link is Linux Build Prerequisites. But I still got some problems when I followed the instruction. So I write down this article about preparation for building Firefox.